Are there technical recommendations for attempting a Professional-Level Assessment?

Kindly take the following notes into consideration before starting your assessment in order to reduce the possibility of any technical difficulties occurring:

  • Please try your attempt from a home or personal computer, and not a shared company-wide network. Banks, governmental institutions, and other private organizations that deal with sensitive information tend to have elevated security (privacy, firewall, etc.) settings that conflict or interfere with your assessment session.

    Similar connectivity issues have been reported when using a proxy or IP mask. Before starting the assessment, please check your advanced network settings, and ensure the auto proxy option is disabled.

  • Please try to ensure a secure internet connection is present before beginning your next assessment session. Even with a secure connection, please bear in mind that normal loading time for assessment questions can take up to 10 seconds.

    Users in international locations sometimes experience some latency in loading assessment questions. While you may have a solid/fast connection, there are fewer hops for your ISP to load a page from your country versus a page from one of our testing platform's data centers on the east and west coasts of the United States. It will take some time for the intermediary networks and ISPs to assemble the data packets and display a page. It is important to keep in mind that "the chain is only as strong as its weakest link," and it may take a few extra seconds for the pages to load because of this.

  • Please reduce the number of tabs and programs/applications that you have running before starting the assessment session to ensure your system's resources are not slowing down the assessment. 
  • We recommend either Firefox or Chrome as being the most reliable internet browsers for running our assessments. Certain versions of Internet Explorer have shown to be less reliable.
  • When you reach the last question, the "Submit -> Forward" button will be replaced by a "Save and Finish"​ button. Your assessment session will immediately be submitted and graded once you click the ​“Save and Finish” button. (Note: Does not apply to PSPO II or PSM III assessments).
  • If you find that the timer continues to count down but the page is not properly loading during your assessment session, users have found that reloading/refreshing the page can help to resolve this issue. (Note: Does not apply to PSPO II or PSM III assessments).

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