My assessment session was disconnected. How can I resume?

If your session is disconnected, you may encounter the following screen:

If this happens, it is likely because your internet service provider had trouble connecting to the servers hosting the assessment platform. Users are more likely to encounter this issue if they are attempting the assessment on a shared company network, which is why it is one of the first points we caution against on the screen where you are prompted to enter your password.

Please rest assured that all of your answers have been saved (the system saves each answer individually). If your timer has not yet expired and you did not manually click the "Save and Finish" button, your assessment session will be paused (the timer will not continue to count down), and you will be able to resume the assessment from the question you had last answered when your connection to our servers was lost.

To resume your assessment session, please follow these instructions:
  1. Sign back into your account on
  2. Refer back to your password email and use the link to navigate back to the page where you can start your assessment. 
  3. Click the "Start Assessment" button, and enter your original password
  4. You should see something similar to the following screen:

  5. Click the red "Continue Taking the Test" button to go back into your session. 
Your assessment will resume on the last question you answered with the same amount you had remaining on the timer at the point when your connection to our servers was lost. Please note, however, that your bookmarks will not be saved. When you are ready for your assessment to be graded, please click the "Save and Finish" button. Otherwise, your assessment will end when the time limit expires.

In order to reduce the possibility of more technical difficulties occurring, we ask that you kindly refer to the Support Center article on technical recommendations and take those notes into consideration before resuming your assessment session.

We wish you the best of luck on completing your assessment!

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