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  1. Are the Professional-Level Assessments available in other languages?

  2. Are there technical recommendations for attempting a Professional-Level Assessment?

  3. Can I claim PDUs for attending a course?

  4. Can I get a discount on a course or training?

  5. Can I get a discount on Professional-Level Assessment purchases?

  6. Can I get the questions and answers from my Professional-Level Assessment?

  7. Do Assessment passwords expire?

  8. Do certifications have license numbers?

  9. Does my certificate expire or require renewal?

  10. How are Open Assessments different from Professional-Level Assessments?

  11. How are courses different from Scrum Alliance courses?

  12. How can I or my organization work with

  13. How can I post on your blog?

  14. How do I add my certificate to my LinkedIn profile?

  15. How do I become a Professional Scrum Trainer to teach courses?

  16. How do I get a Professional Scrum certification?

  17. How do I learn more about Scrum and prepare for the Professional-Level Scrum assessments?

  18. How do I obtain a receipt or proof of payment for my order?

  19. How do I prepare for the PSM III?

  20. How is a PSM through different from a CSM through the Scrum Alliance?

  21. How many times can I take a Professional-Level Assessment?

  22. How much are Professional-Level Assessments?

  23. How much do trainings and courses cost?

  24. I am having technical issues with one of the Open Assessments.

  25. I am looking for a course, training or class.

  26. I can't find my name on the list of certification holders.

  27. I didn't receive a welcome message to complete account registration

  28. I forgot my username for my member account. How can I log in?

  29. I purchased a password using a different name and email. Can I still take the assessment on my own account?

  30. My assessment session was disconnected. How can I resume?

  31. What are my payment options for purchasing a Professional-Level Assessment?

  32. What are the business hours for

  33. What is your refund or cancellation policy?

  34. Where can I find a list of people who hold certifications?

  35. Where can I find a testing center to take a Assessment for certification?

  36. Where can I find my certificate and badge?

  37. Where can I purchase a password to attempt a Professional-Level Assessment?

  38. Where is the Scrum Guide?

  39. Why can't I find a badge in my profile for passing the Open Assessment?

  40. Why can't I reset my member account password?

  41. Why isn't my account password working?

  42. Why isn’t my assessment password working?

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